Link between codependency and addiction

Codependency and addiction often go hand in hand. The loved ones of individuals struggling with addiction, such as family members or romantic partners, may become codependent on the person with the addiction. They may try to control the addiction, enable the addiction, or ignore it altogether. This is because, for the codependent person, their identity and self-worth may have become linked to the wellbeing of the person they are caring for, who is struggling with addiction.

This type of codependency can be seen in various types of relationships, such as family members of alcoholics or drug addicts, or partners of people with gambling addiction. It can also be seen in the context of other types of addiction, such as sex addiction, shopping addiction, or internet addiction.

Impact on Relationships

The link between codependency and addiction can have a significant impact on relationships. The codependent person may feel trapped in the relationship, and they may struggle to set healthy boundaries. They may also feel guilty and ashamed when they fail to control the addiction or when the person they are caring for continues to use.

Managing Codependency and Addiction

Managing codependency and addiction can be challenging. However, understanding the link between the two can be helpful in addressing both issues.

One of the key steps in managing codependency and addiction is to seek professional help. Therapy or counselling can be helpful in addressing both issues simultaneously. It can help the individual struggling with addiction to address their addiction and understand the underlying causes, while also helping the codependent person understand their own behaviour and learn how to set healthy boundaries and take care of themselves.

Additionally, it is important for the codependent person to develop a support system of friends and family members who can offer emotional support and encouragement. Joining a support group for loved ones of individuals with addiction can also be a valuable resource for the codependent person.

It is also important for both individuals to understand that recovery is a process and that progress will not always be linear. There may be relapses, but it’s important to continue working on the recovery and to not give up.

The link between codependency and addiction is complex and can have a significant impact on relationships. Understanding this link can be helpful in addressing both issues. It is important to seek professional help, develop a support system, and understand that recovery is a process. If you or someone you know is struggling with codependency and addiction, it is important to seek help and support to improve the overall quality of the relationship and their lives.


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