Organisational Consultancy

Organisational Consultancy

By improving relationships, the emotional and mental well-being of staff at all levels, businesses can promote stability, improve staff retention, and achieve goals.

Emotional and relational intelligence are needed in order for teams to flourish successfully. Many factors surrounding mental health can impact workplace relationships and dynamics, staff performance and meeting targets. Changes to staff and business structure, personal relationships and stressors from home and family life can negatively impact a team’s ability to work well.

Consultancy around relationship dynamics, mental health and communication for your workplace can enable your team to work together productively and proactively, boosting wellbeing and resilience. It can be very difficult to tell who is impacted by mental health difficulties within your workplace or exactly how this is impacting your wider workforce. Evidence suggests that almost 13% of all illness-related absences in the UK are due to mental health.

Leone Centre offers organisational consultancy services for businesses of all types and sizes across many sectors. Our services improve team dynamics and productivity, facilitating improvements for teams and the individuals within them.

Improve Team Wellbeing, Relationships and Productivity

Our organisational consultancy service is delivered in three phases:

1. Assessment Phase

This often involves sessions with management and their team members. We look in-depth at the interactions that play a part in the daily business routine. 

2. Implementation Phase

This includes an evaluation of the workplace dynamics and concerns the people in your company are experiencing. This allows us to provide individually tailored solutions for your business. At this stage, our associates will work with you to determine the best course of action for your company. 

Some of our intervention solutions include:

  • Psychoeducation workshops
  • MBTI – individual and group
  • Role consultancy
  • Supervision
  • Action learning sets
  • Reflective spaces
  • Facilitated sessions

Your bespoke implementation could include any or all of the above, carefully designed to provide solutions to meet your organisational needs.

3. Evaluation Phase

The final phase of our service deals with the ongoing practices of your team. We work with you to assess the results of all your progress and to determine any ongoing concerns that could pose challenges in the future.

Organisational consultancy services can be delivered in person to businesses throughout the UK or remotely via web meeting platforms such as Zoom. To learn more or arrange a consultation, contact us.


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