Addiction Group Therapy

Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Group therapy is an essential part of addiction treatment programs. It involves bringing together a group of individuals struggling with addiction to work together and support each other on their journey to recovery. This type of therapy can be very effective in helping individuals to overcome addiction and maintain long-term …

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Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy and Addiction

What is Equine Therapy? Equine therapy is a rapidly growing field that has proved to be a great and valuable tool in helping with addiction. This innovative therapy approach involves using horses to help individuals in recovery work through their emotions, build trust, and develop essential life skills. Equine Therapy …

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Addiction Therapy

Hypnotherapy and Addiction

Hypnotherapy and Addiction  Addiction is a deep-rooted issue affecting various aspects of an individual’s life, including relationships, health, finances, and overall well-being. While addiction can be treated in various ways, Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help individuals overcome their addiction and take control of their lives. Addiction: When temporary …

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Trauma Counselling

Trauma Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Trauma can play a significant role in addiction, often being a root cause or contributing factor to developing addictive behaviours. When individuals experience trauma, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological, they often turn to substances or behaviours as a way to cope and self-medicate. However, this ultimately leads to …

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Spiritual Dimension In Addiction Recovery

Connection Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is complex and affects millions of people around the world. Addiction affects not only physical health but also an individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Spirituality can play a crucial role in addiction recovery, as it addresses the deeper, underlying issues that contribute to addictive behaviour. This blog will …

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Sex Addiction

Exploring Boundaries in Sex Addiction Recovery

Exploring Boundaries Sex addiction is a complex and challenging disorder that can significantly impact an individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Recovery from sex addiction involves a process of introspection, reflection, and personal growth, with a primary goal of establishing healthy boundaries to prevent relapse. In this article, we will …

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Sex Addiction

The Connection Between Sex Addiction and Mental Health

Sex Addiction and Mental Health Sex addiction affects millions of people around the world. In this article, we will explore the connection between sex addiction and mental health and why it is essential to address both conditions simultaneously in therapy. Understanding Sex Addiction Sex addiction, or hypersexuality or compulsive sexual …

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The Role of Self-Care in Sex Addiction Recovery

Self-Care in Sex Addiction Sex addiction is a real and serious problem for many individuals. It can negatively impact a person’s life and relationships, making it difficult to control their behaviour. In sex addiction recovery, self-care plays a vital role. Self-care methods such as exercise, mindfulness, and therapy can help …

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