7 key questions about Sex Addiction and Psychosexual Therapy

7 key questions about Sex Addiction and Psychosexual Therapy

Sex addiction is a common term used to describe compulsive sexual behaviour (CSB) or out-of-control sexual behaviour.  Many clinicians are moving away from the term sex addiction towards sexual compulsivity, which is more of a behavioural issue rather than addiction.

Sexual desires are a normal part of life, however, sex addiction / CSB can be a serious problem for both individuals and couples. Luckily, help is available and sex addiction can be successfully treated. In this short article, we will look at seven key questions relating to the topic.

What is sex addiction / CSB?

In simple terms, compulsive sexual behaviour is when a person’s sexual activity or behaviour is out of control. This can relate to the sex they have with their partner or partners, but it can also relate to masturbation, pornography, chat rooms, online sex and seeking sex workers.

The behaviour can cause the person’s sexual urges to completely take over their everyday life, leading to them neglecting family, work and financial commitments.

Alternatively, some people’s out-of-control sexual behaviour is used as a way of suppressing unbearable feelings or forgetting about difficult situations.

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What is the impact of sex addiction / CSB?

Suffering from CSB can be a major problem, both for the individual and for their loved ones. At its worst, CSB can have a huge adverse impact on anyone with the condition. Common problems associated with CSB include:

  • Breakdown in friendships and family relationships
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of social status
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Separation and divorce
  • Legal issues
  • Drug misuse
  • Suicidal thoughts

There are also a number of other mental health problems relating to CSB. Sufferers can often experience diminished self-worth and regular feelings of deep shame and self-loathing.

How is CSB treated?

“If you have a problem relating to sex addiction or out of control, compulsive sexual behaviour, try to seek help as soon as possible. Failing to do this could lead to the problem getting worse. You’ve really got nothing to lose if you seek help and it can make a big positive difference to your life.”

Lynn Buckley – Psychosexual Therapist

Experts have formed an in-depth understanding of the issues of CSB and developed bespoke programmes to address it. One such method of addressing CSB is known as Psychosexual Therapy.

What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Psychosexual therapy takes a holistic approach to the issue of CSB. The therapy can also cover an array of other issues relating to sex – such as a loss of interest in the activity, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Typical psychosexual therapy involves discussing a wide range of topics. This is in order to ascertain the potential causes of your issues. This can include emotional, psychological or even environmental factors. Establishing these factors enables the therapist to address the psychological and physiological connections relating to your sex life, help to deliver psychosexual education and suggest treatment programmes.

The ultimate aim is to have the two systems (psychological and physiological) nurturing each other, thus allowing you to resolve the issues.

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Is Psychosexual Therapy for me?

Psychosexual Therapy offers an effective solution for anyone open to using the method. This is regardless of your ethnicity, religion, age, gender, culture or sexual preferences.

How does Psychosexual Therapy work at the Leone Centre?

Psychosexual Therapy at the Leone Centre can be conducted in a number of different ways. It can be done online or in person. It can involve an individual or a couple.

Our Psychosexual Therapy sessions offer an open space that allows you to discuss absolutely anything that is on your mind. Sometimes, seemingly irrelevant details (for instance, your childhood, previous relationships or other worries in your personal or professional life) can have a big negative impact on your sex life.

Our expert therapists’ aim is to get to the bottom of your issues. And because all clients are different, they will cover as many areas as possible in order to do this.


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