How to Recognize the Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

How to Recognize the Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship When a relationship is becoming abusive, it is important to recognize the warning signs. If you think you’re in an abusive relationship, the signs may include physical violence and jealousy. However, there are also signs of emotional and psychological abuse …

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Systemic Family Therapy

Is Systemic Family Therapy Right For You?

Is Systemic Family Therapy Right For You? A Systemic Family Therapy (SFT) approach aims to alter the structure of the family by challenging definitions and assigning tasks to family members. It also challenges the family’s limits and symptoms. Throughout the therapy process, the therapist will be allied with the subsystem …

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Signs of Emotional Abuse

Signs of Emotional Abuse Verbal abuse is a form of emotional abuse. It involves challenging the victim’s perceptions, opinions, and thoughts. This type of emotional abuse can destroy self-esteem and confidence. The victim often feels isolated and helpless. This type of abuse can also lead to an increased risk of …

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What Is Emotional Abuse?

What Is Emotional Abuse? If you are living with someone who is abusing you emotionally, you need to know what to do. It’s important to find someone who can help. The abuser may deny help, telling you the world will go on and you have to toughen up. They may …

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Dealing With Emotional Abuse

Dealing With Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is very destructive to a person’s health and can often be just as devastating as physical abuse. It is never the victim’s fault and is never acceptable. Everyone has the right to feel respected, safe, and supported. In addition, it can cause a person …

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Pornography Addiction

7 key questions about Sex Addiction and Psychosexual Therapy

7 key questions about Sex Addiction and Psychosexual Therapy Sex addiction is a common term used to describe compulsive sexual behaviour (CSB) or out-of-control sexual behaviour.  Many clinicians are moving away from the term sex addiction towards sexual compulsivity, which is more of a behavioural issue rather than addiction. Sexual …

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Group Of 3 People In Discussion Around A Table

How Family Therapy Counselling can help Stepfamilies

Family Therapy Counselling & Relationships In a world rich with culture and vibrant family dynamics, feeling a sense of belonging within a harmonious family unit, remains one of the strongest innate, human desires. It is incredibly natural for families, including stepfamilies formed of all shapes and sizes, to experience challenges …

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Family Bereavement Therapy

How family therapy can help with bereavement?

Family Bereavement Therapy When it comes to going through a bereavement, it can be an extremely lonely and overwhelming time in someone’s life. Grief is a life changing experience and whilst not wanting to feel alone, talking about how you feel can be just as challenging. Sometimes more so when …

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