Search directories of professional mediation services to help you resolve conflicts and disputes out of court


  • Family Mediation Council: The FMC is a not-for-profit organisation that maintains a professional register of family mediators. It doesn’t provide mediation itself or recommend a particular provider.
  • Civil Mediation Service: The Ministry of Justice online directory. The CMC is a charity that aims to promote the resolution of conflicts and disputes by encouraging the use of mediation and other dispute resolution techniques and methods and advancing the education of the public in matters related to this.
  • Family Mediators Association: The Family Mediators Association, established in 1988, is a membership organization for family mediators representing over 350 family mediators. FMA is a lead body and founding member of the Family Mediation Council (FMC), which coordinates the regulation of and develops common standards for professional family mediators.


  • Scottish Mediation: Scottish Mediation was established in 1990 to raise the profile of mediation in Scotland, act as a professional body for mediators in Scotland, maintain the Scottish Mediation Register of mediators and provide access to quality-assured mediation services.


  • Law Society Northern of Ireland: The Law Society Mediation Services (LSMS) was established to provide a mediation service populated by solicitors who are trained mediators and who will assist in resolving disputes, resulting in time and expense savings.

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