The 4 Major Parenting Styles and the Importance of Family Counselling

Family Holding Hands Walking Into Sunset

Your relationship with your children influences their brain development. It sets a pattern your children will follow when they grow up. The quality of this relationship shapes how your children will feel about themselves, form relationships, and deal with life challenges. Understanding the four major parental styles is critical because the parental relationship is the foundation for our self-concepts, future …

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How Family Therapy Can Benefit Children After Divorce

Parents And Child Hiding Their Faces

What is family therapy and how does family counselling work? Families come with complexities, longings, stress and discord, love, attachment and disillusionment and therapy can be an invaluable way to heal challenges and problems and help all members of a family function better together. While some therapists focus on one specific model of family therapy, others take an integrative or …

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